Guide to LinkedIn (Part 1): Introduction, Brief History and Benefits

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When you think about your top networking platforms, what comes to mind?

I’m sure Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat are some that you think of off the top of your head.

But what about LinkedIn?


What is LinkedIn all about?


LinkedIn is a platform that specializes in professional networking. It has the largest professional network on the Internet, with more than 500 million members worldwide. Unlike other social networking platforms, LinkedIn focuses on being a platform that provides professional and career-related engagement.

This explains why many of us probably know about LinkedIn, but few of us use on a regular basis.

For one, you can’t find viral videos and funny memes on the platform!





Despite its benefits for our professional careers, it is much less popular social media platforms.

Take a look at some statistics in Singapore:


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To help you have a better understanding, we created our DGG Resume’s Guide to Linkedin!

We will be delving into different aspects of this unique professional platform.

We will first begin by exploring the history of this intriguing platform:


Where did LinkedIn come from?


Let’s start with the co-founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman!

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Reid Hoffman had always valued the importance of networking.


Before starting LinkedIn, he networked his way to a job at eWorld (one of the world’s first social networking platforms by Apple).

He subsequently launched his first company SocialNet (with a focus on online dating and local meetups).

After leaving SocialNet, he joined Paypal as an executive Vice President of Business Development.


After PayPal was sold to Ebay, Reid finally consolidated all his lessons from past experiences in the internet industry.

In 2002, he started Linkedin, right out of his living room! LinkedIn’s website was officially launched in 2003:


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Fun fact: LinkedIn is now over 14 years old, older than other popular social media platforms such as Youtube and Facebook!


All the useful features of LinkedIn that you might be familiar with today were not present from Day 1. Here is a short summary of some important LinkedIn’s developments since its initial launch:

2004: Launch of Groupshelping users to join smaller networks of interests, fields, colleges etc.

2005: Launch of Paid job postings

2006: Launch of Recommendations section – Improve social proof aspects of LinkedIn

2008: Developed its First mobile application

2010: Launch of Company profile pagesAllows businesses to list their products and services

2012: Launch of Skill endorsementsUsers can now attest to talents that their connections have



Why should I start using LinkedIn regularly?


Now you might have a better idea of what LinkedIn does and where it originated. But you might also be thinking: What’s in it for me? Why should I use LinkedIn?

Here are 3 key benefits that you can gain from using this professional platform:



1. Keep updated on latest news and trends in your industry


Be it a student or an industry professional, being well versed in the latest industry trends is paramount.


Having a good pulse on industry trends can help you ask converse and discuss topics like second nature. Furthermore, it establishes you as a knowledgeable professional, who can contribute meaningfully to industry-related conversations.

LinkedIn acts as a curated feed of relevant industry news and information.

You can uncover this treasure trove of content simply by following industry-specific influencers and pages.


2. Increase visibility among potential networks


Many LinkedIn users connect with relevant friends and networks, put effort into personal branding, and participate actively in different groups.

Doing this allows you to maximize the potential of using LinkedIn, versus other social networks.

This also helps to increase your exposure and visibility among professional contacts.

What’s more, 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find suitable candidates!


You are definitely missing out on opportunities if you fail to use LinkedIn regularly.


Who knows, someone from another company might even invite you for new opportunities after visiting your LinkedIn profile!


3. Engage with other professionals and share insights


One of my favourite aspects of LinkedIn is that it allows me to easily engage with other professionals.

This is especially valuable, as many industry professionals and influencers are based outside of Singapore. Even for local professionals, it can be hard to reach like-minded professionals without this platform.

LinkedIn allows an easy mode of professional discussion in public, be it in the comments section of posts or in different interest groups. Alternatively, you can start a private conversation easily, through the messenger tool.


LinkedIn provides an easy bridge between yourself and other connections.


This makes it easy for both parties to engage in professional discussions. Such networking opportunities might also lead to other doors being opened for you in future!


Hope you’ve enjoyed our introductory guide to LinkedIn, and click on here to read our the 2nd part of our Guide to Linkedin!

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