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DGG Interviews: Business Development and Marketing Executive

In this edition of DGG Interviews, we explore the life and job responsibilities of a Business Development and Marketing Executive from an E-Commerce startup. Read on as she introduces her job scope, her favourite and least favourite parts of the job, and tips for new jobseekers.


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About the Business Development and Marketing Role,
and the E-Commerce Industry


Q. What are your usual job responsibilities in your job?

I was brought in to build partnerships to support campaigns and/or for cross-marketing to reach new customers.


In this day and age where ‘start-up’ish work environment is trendy, we all know someone whose job title and workload are complete opposites.


I guess it is no surprise that my daily routine has expanded to include acting in campaign videos, scrolling through endless memes on Facebook (to find engaging content, of course) and searching for ridiculous things people can buy- not that I am complaining!


Then again, if you ask me this same question in 3 months time, my answer would probably be different from now too.


Q. Which areas of your job do you enjoy most?


I know some people may be thinking, “wow, your work is so cool!”. I admit, I do think my job is awesome and I am thankful for these opportunities that came up which may never have happened in an MNC.


That aside, the reason I can even do something I love is attributed to good leaders (my supervisor/ manager/ boss) who cares about my personal growth and who I can confide in like a friend.


I remember being taken aback when my manager sat me down for a chat just a week into my job, then a month later, and again 3 months after, just to find out my interests and how she can make work enjoyable for me.


Q. What are the biggest challenges of your job?


The E-Commerce industry is always changing and you have to be on your toes.

As such, there are many instances whereby we have to work around deadlines tighter than my jeans (haha), such as having only 1 week to prepare for a campaign!


Not forgetting that we are all wearing many hats and it is definitely challenging to prioritise and maximize the limited time I have.


Q. What is the culture of your job/industry?


In general, the working culture for e-commerce is very vibrant!  We work hard and play hard!


At work, things move very fast and as a team we are always brainstorming radical ideas. After work, especially when we celebrate the end of a campaign, we would treat ourselves to mookata and a couple too many beers!


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Career Advice For Jobseekers


Q. What are the top skills and traits that one should have to succeed in the job?


The right attitude is so important because that is where most of your skills/traits stem from.


I graduated with 0 skills in marketing-related softwares (e.g. adobe creative suite) which are crucial to landing a marketing job. It took on-job training, annoying my colleagues to impart their wisdom and many many youtube videos for me to maneuver them.


Now, I use these applications daily with ease and it all began because I told myself that I have to pick it up to do my job well. What you do not know, you can always learn.


You also need to dare to try. People may say your ideas are crazy, but never try, never know, right?


While managing our Facebook page, I am constantly amazed at all the content consumers are engaged with today.


If you do not take the first step to try, you would never find out what resonates well with your customers!


Q. What do you want the job seekers to know about your job and the industry?


You will not be able to find a stable 9-5 job with a comfortable salary and a narrow job scope in e-commerce. Not to scare you off, but it can be draining sometimes.


However, if this is something you have interest in, it can be extremely rewarding.


When you see a campaign through from start to finish, or create a viral Facebook post that everyone is talking about, that is when you know the long hours are worth it because you can proudly share with your friends that you are the brainchild (or at least part) of the campaign!


Q. Any other advice you would like to give to someone interested in a similar job?


The job market now is harsh on fresh graduates but if you are really passionate in something make sure you work towards it.


No industry-related skills? Pick it up. No experience? Start with internships. Venturing into a new industry? Be in the know and read books/articles.


If you are truly invested in it, you will find yourself naturally doing these things and it will not feel like a chore. This is also a good indicator of your interest level towards a job.


As long as you are working on something, you are making yourself better than yesterday and increasing your value to potential employers.


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