Learn 3 Simple and Practical Tips to Craft a Great Resume!


Resumes usually not on our minds, but when we need them, we are often left scrambling.

But that’s to be expected, when are ever thinking about our resumes?

  1. When we are thinking of switching jobs and looking for a new job
  2. When we lose our job and are looking for a new job
  3. When we are about to enter the workplace and are looking for a new job


That’s pretty much it, right? No wonder we have no clue on how to craft a great resume!


Have you seen a dream job advertisement, only to desperately scramble and scour through the internet trying to find tips and guides to improve your resume? Scramble no more.

Now, you don’t need to be an expert to develop your own effective resume.


Here are 3 effective ways that you can use right now to help you optimize and craft a great resume!



1. Know Yourself, and Know the Company

You might have had a long list of achievements in your life, and probably can’t wait to share them all in your resume!

You probably expect your potential employer to be similarly interested and impressed by them as well!


But reality strikes and you realise that they aren’t all that interested.

Recruiters often make a decision within 6 seconds.


So the potential employer probably isn’t interested if you participated and excelled in your secondary school club.


While this might be painful, it is a necessary revelation.


So what do you do now?

Connect your skills to company’s needs


A first good step is to be absolutely clear of what you have achieved in the past.

Next, understand what the company is about, and what kind of candidate it is looking for.

Now, simply use your achievements and lessons learnt to show how you are a wonderful fit for the job and the company!


Simply put, connect what you have to offer, to what the company needs and is looking for!



2. Action! Words that highlight your achievements

Action words are words that help demonstrate strongly and exactly the achievements you have listed on your resume.

Using these effective action words just helps you highlight your experiences and achievements to a whole another level.


Making use of effective action words


Take for instance, these 2 examples here:

  1. Helped with social media postings, providing information about the company to the public.
  2. Managed the company’s social media account, engaging in promotional efforts that reached over 1,000 people.

Which of the 2 sounds more convincing and impactful?


While both convey similar information, I’m sure we all agree that example 2 appeal to us more.

The first example comes off as more vague and uncertain, while the second example shows a more confident reflection of the candidate’s past achievements.


These effective action words can come in the form of strong, convincing verbs such as ‘Establish’, ‘Lead’ and ‘Negotiate’.


Other equally effective tools include quantitative figures.

Rather than describing your past job responsibilities, show them how much of a contribution you made by trotting out the numbers.

It has been proven scientifically that quantitative figures simply provide more persuasion and reliability to readers.

So use them whenever applicable to boost your credibility!



3. Standing out from the crowd

Many people use free resume templates from anywhere they can find online.

This can be a simple way to organize all your information.


But it is simply not enough to stand out from the crowd and appeal to the potential employer. (within 6 seconds, no less).


Instead, making use of appropriate visuals can help!

Visuals not only help people to digest the content faster and more effectively, they also help recall of your content!

So consider making use of simple icons, bars and different graphics to make the resume look more presentable, yet not lose its professionalism.

These simple graphics can also help the reader refocus his/her attention, and not get lost amongst the sea of words.



The job search process today is tough, tedious and competitive.

But it need not be this way.

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