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This week, explore lessons on learning from failure, career lessons, and the benefits of having a side hustle!



The 3 Stages of Failure in Life and Work (And How to Fix Them)


Decision Making

I have always been intrigued by the idea of knowing “when to keep going and when to move on”. Concepts of persevering and grit, versus pivoting and quit, are at odds but both make sense. The writer introduces a framework he named the 3 Stages of Failure to explore and help resolve this dilemma:


Stage 1 (Failure of Tactics):
These are tactical and execution mistakes, where the process of trying to execute strategies is flawed.


Stage 2 (Failure of Strategy):
These are planning and strategic mistakes, where there is a solid vision, but the plan and roadmap to achieve the vision is flawed.


Stage 3 (Failure of Vision):
These are big picture, directional mistakes. This happens when your actions taken are in conflict with the goal in mind.


After understanding the different types of failure in life, it is easier for one to identify the specific type of failure that happened, and remedy the situation solely based on it.

A simple example: A lemonade seller may have the perfect idea to sell chilled lemonade in hot Singapore (vision), and a good plan to sell at locations with high traffic and (strategy), but lacks selling skills and product (tactics). So the seller should not give up on the entire idea, but instead should focus on learning to make great tasting lemonade.




New Graduates: These Are The Unspoken Rules Of The Workplace No One Tells You

career lessons

Career Lessons

New graduates typically might have a hard time in their new workplaces, as they have to navigate through various challenges: interpersonal relationships, office politics, managing superiors and colleagues, and of course the work itself. This article provides some good advice to teach new graduates the many unspoken rules in workplaces:


1. You are there to do your job:
Focus and excel in your task at hand before taking on extra responsibilities


2. It’s up to you to figure things out:
Learning in the workplace requires pro-activity and independence in searching for opportunities


3. Feedback will not come automatically:
Ask the right questions at the right time to learn about your work performance


4. Attention to detail is extremely important:
Avoid small mistakes that can culminate into big problems for you


5. Understand how you fit into the big picture:
Find meaning in your work for the company to improve satisfaction and engagement


6. Companies are not obliged to consider your needs and interests:
Companies don’t owe you anything; the company’s needs will be put ahead of yours


7. No one will care about your career as much as you:
Be invested in your own career progress, and design your own framework to grow




The 4 Unexpected Benefits Of Starting A Side Hustle Today

 side hustle

Side Hustles

Side hustles are commonplace today, with many people pursuing them do reap greater financial rewards. But outside of financial gain, this writer explores 4 other benefits that having a side hustle will bring:


1. Opportunities:
Side hustles can help you build relationships and connections, demonstrate your skills and abilities, which can come back to beneficial for your career


2. Risk Mitigation:
Having a side hustle helps as a safe way to pursue your entrepeunrial ideas, while not going all in on the risk of quitting your day job


3. Options with multiple sources of income:
Similar point to above, this helps provide lifestyle and career flexibility


4. Finding purpose and meaning:
If you pursue a side hustle with genuine interest and passion, it can be greatly beneficial to providing a greater meaning in your work


Do consider starting a side hustle yourself as an alternative channel of growth and development. There is little risk incurred, but potentially great rewards to be reaped.


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