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Pursuing A Successful Career? Here are 3 Useful Career Tips

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Career success! Isn’t that something that most of us dream of and work towards, but somehow feels so elusive and unattainable?

This is most likely because career success means different things to different people. So it can be hard for any article out there to give you a definitive answer on this.


I recently attended a talk where a speaker from a global MNC spoke about his top tips for career success.


While not all the tips were immediately relatable, I found many of them useful and took notes diligently.


Today, I would like to share these tips and chime in with some of my personal thoughts!

As a reader, you might not relate with every one of these tips immediately.

But keep them in mind, and this article in future. You might make sense of them in time to come.


Here goes!


Career Tip 1: Don’t follow money, follow experience

career tips 1 money
Do you only want Money?

Especially relevant for young job seekers, salary is often a big factor in your career consideration.


I get it. When looking for jobs, I am often caught in this conundrum as well.


Do I go for jobs and companies that pay well, but am less interested in –

Or should I pursue jobs that I can have a good growth experience in, but might pay less?


This first tip resolves this dilemma well.


In short, pursuing jobs that can give a greater learning and growth experience should be of highest importance. If you follow experience and learn well, money will in turn follow in future.

A great way to do this is by taking on several internships!


This is also related to taking long-term view of your career. Taking a calculated ‘risk’ with less pay today helps to further improve your expertise. This will then give you a better pay in future, which can then justify this decision.


But this is not all about money. Even if we take money out of the equation, continuous learning and gaining new experiences will also give you greater career fulfilment.


Which brings us to the second tip!


Career Tip 2: Find many mentors

Career tips 2 mentors
Helpful mentors are great!

This tip suggests that we should find good mentors. After finding these mentors, look for top 3 skills from every mentor you have and learn these skills from them.


Not only will you find 3 valuable mentors to learn from, you will also develop 9 core skills that will be important in your life (quick math)!


Indeed, having mentors is definitely invaluable. But I know what you might be thinking: “How do I go about finding 3 good mentors?!”


If finding mentors seems out of reach, you can first start by building a network of connections to learn from. You can connect with people whom you look up to, or people in similar roles/fields as yours. A good place to start is on LinkedIn!

Learn from their stories, their experiences and their strengths in general.


Here’s another tip – Marketing guru Seth Godin also suggests this:

“If you can’t find mentors, find heroes”.

Heroes are your top leaders and businesspeople in the world. Say Jeff Bezos, Sheryl Sandberg or Jack Ma.


When faced with decisions, you can ponder:

“What would Hero X do?”

You can also take 1 attribute he/she is strongest at and try to learn and emulate it.


This way, this hero becomes your virtual “mentor” and a guiding stick as you go through your career and life.


Career Tip 3: Never stop learning

Career tips 3 learning
Spiderman doesn’t stop learning. Neither should you.

After you have found a good job, do you take a sigh of relief and get comfortable?


Your career and life does not take a standstill after you’ve found a job. In fact, learning and growth has only begun!


While pursuing your career and doing your best at work, take time off outside of work to continue learning.

This can be as simple as reading a book, an online article, or even listening to a podcast on the way to work.


If you want to deep dive into a specific skill, there are many platforms offering online courses at low prices – such as Skillshare and Udemy!


Singaporeans also can take advantage of SkillsFuture credits to upskill yourselves.


The world doesn’t stop evolving. Our learning efforts have to be on pace with the rapidly evolving world.



So there you have it, 3 simple yet useful tips to help you work your way towards career success.


Which of them do you find most useful? Do you have any tips that you would like to share? Let us know!


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